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       Japanese city pack


Japanese city pack

       Japanese city pack for UE4. This is a modular pack created in Unreal Engine 4.18


  • Modular pack, set for urban locations, Japanese style. This pack includes a demo scene with the created Japanese city. All houses have a modular structure. So the pack contains a large number of characteristic props, sidewalks, roads.

   Video overview of the project

Technical Details

  • Number of Unique Meshes: 275

  • Collision: Yes

  • LODs: Yes

  • Number of Materials and Material Instances: 191

  • Number of Textures: 444

  • Texture Resolutions: All textures 4096x4096

  • Supported Development Platforms:

  • Windows: Yes

  • Mac: Yes

Creating environment for UE4 Japanese city pack

        Hello my friends, I continue to work actively on creating new art projects for UE4 for marketplace, this time I decided to create a project based on the Japanese city of Yokohama. This setting was chosen, because in my opinion it is quite interesting from an artistic point of view, complex architecture, lots of glowing neon signs, and a very dense filling of streets with various props, pipes, and other details, which is typical for Japanese streets. 

       First of all, I looked at lot of reference photographs, and chose one (you can see this picture in the figure below) which I took as a basis for building the level.


Main reference


The second stage was to build a dimensional simplified street model, with roads, and the main forms for houses, in order to understand the sizes and proportions for future modules.


This stage is noteworthy, and may not correspond 100% to the future level, it only gives me an understanding of what details should be taken away more attention, and helps in the elaboration of silhouettes

Next, I began to create the basic types of materials for the walls of houses, sidewalks and roads. If you look closely at Japanese city streets, you can see a lot of glossy tiles of various sizes and colors, as well as concrete surfaces and plaster, as well as all these surfaces have some signs of weather effects, such as smudges under parapets, windows.


The next stage is the creation of basic modules, based on a simplified model of the city, the task is that I need to create modules of walls, windows, doors, roads and sidewalks, as structural elements, and from which I can assemble each house, this gives flexibility, for Introducing diversity in architecture and foreshortening for other homes.


Some props


But in addition to individual moody that were made strictly on a grid with a step (about 0.25 m), I also created modules of the whole floor, this can greatly simplify the work for those who buy this pack, and decide to use it in their projects, arranging the modules in the form floors, the user can easily adjust the number of storeys of the house, making the house higher or lower, depending on the need.

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