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Helicopter 01

To control the Helicopter you need to enter the inputs manually

Step 1

Step 2

Сreate and enter the inputs as in the screenshot

You can also download a file with imputations and import into your project so that you do not enter it manually

Helicopter 01 Input
Download RAR • 1KB

All parts of the helicopter are animated. 4 animated doors open when buttons are pressed on the keyboard 1,2,3,4

The chassis goes down and up at the touch of a button G

helicopter control is possible using the keyboard and mouse or game pad

Realistic flight

Takeoff and landing

Control system: for Gamepad

For a perfect flight, recommend using Gamepad

Chassis : Gamepad Left Thumbstick Button

MoveForward: Gamepad left Thumbstick

Turn: Gamepad Right Thumbstick

FlightHeight: UP - Gamepad left Trigger

Down - Gamepad Right Trigger

CameraX - Gamepad Face Button left

Gamepad Face Button Right

CameraY - Gamepad Face Button Top

Gamepad Face Button Bottom

Control system: for keyboard and mouse

Chassis: G

Zoom + Mouse wheel Up

Mouse wheel Down

MoveForward S, W

MoveRight D, A

Turn Q, E

FlightHeight Space Bar, Left Ctrl

CameraX Mouse X

CameraY Mouse Y

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