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Оновлено: 10 серп. 2020 р.

Driven special services truck driven, with interior, with special signal included - siren

The truck is fully prepared for use in your project, at the moment 2 skins are presented

1- police truck (special unit S.W.A.T.)

2- Fire truck

in both cases, the truck can be driven, the wheels spin, the front wheels turn.

Physics is on, the truck realistically responds to control. Independent suspension is also tuned.

To control the truck you need to enter the inputs manually

Step 1

Step 2

Сreate and enter the inputs as in the screenshot

The truck has an interior in the driver's cab, with a detailed cockpit. The cargo compartment also has an interior

All doors open at the touch of a button on the keyboard 1,2,3,4

Open the doors one at a time waiting for the complete opening

It is also possible to turn on the siren and light strobe lights (you can adjust the brightness of the lights, and the intensity of blinking) - each color of the serena can be set separately

The siren turns on and off by pressing the H button on the keyboard

The siren system can be adjusted, you can change the frequency of red and blue flashes, as well as 3 groups of lamps that can be separately configured on the truck. The operation of the siren is set in the material MI_Light

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