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Work on the creation of the Brazilian favela for UE4

Оновлено: 7 лип. 2020 р.

Hello friends, in this blog I will chronicle the creation of the Brazilian Favela it is new pack for Unreal Engine marketplace. I will post pictures with progress, as well as interesting moments while working on the level and on assets.

Today I am working on creating a pillar for lighting a football field and not only, and also create a model of football goal.

The football field looks like this

This is how objects look after texturing.

I'm starting to create decals for marking a football field. First of all, in 3D I create simple lines, and I will render masks for them - this will be masks for further work with decals

A more complete view after substance peinter

Decals in Unreal engine, and sprawled on a football field

I pass to the construction of structures on the other side of the field

An idea came up to add a crowd of mannequins dressed in clothes

These mannequins need an AK47 to make them look even crazier

Work on clothes for the mannequin

Final result

Second side of the field

Final result

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